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Master Health Professions Education at Charité Berlin

The Master's Program in Health Professions Education at the Charité Berlin qualifies for teaching health sciences at vocational schools and at universities as well as for other teaching positions in the health sector. Knowledge, skills and competences taught as part of the program include:

• Course and lesson planning in the health sciences,
• Design and implementation of institutionalized teaching-learning processes at different levels in the education and continuing education of health professionals,
• Promotion of adult learning in health-related contexts, and
• Development, testing and evaluation of applicable teaching methods and learning aids.

Enrollment in the program, which is taught in German, is dependent on previous training and experience in the fields of health care, nursing and/or therapy. In addition, a bachelor degree is required. Students who acquired their academic qualification(s) outside of Germany need the required German language skills (https://www.charite.de/studium_lehre/bewerbung_zulassung/sprachkenntnisse/). They can apply via Uni Assist.

Master’s Program Objectives

Drawing from the available theoretical and empirical knowledge, students in the program will study both theory and best practices in the field of health professions education. The master’s program objectives include:

  • Contribute to the professionalization of practitioners in the health sector through teaching that is grounded in educational theory and methodologically sound,
  • Systematically increase the available evidence base and the quality of the vocational training, academic education and continuing education of health professionals,
  • Improve the qualifications of teachers at vocational schools as well as other multipliers in the health and nursing sciences,
  • Develop and evaluate curricula, educational programs and standards for the different health professions and their areas of expertise, and
  • Design and implement applied research on education in the health professions.

News about the program

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Master in Health Professions Education at the Charité Berlin

Graduates of the Master's Program in Health Professions Education are qualified for:

  • A career as a teacher in the qualification of health professionals in vocational schools as well as relevant faculties and departments at universities,
  • Tasks associated with the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of extracurricular activities, and
  • Entry into a doctoral program.

Degree:  Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Duration of program: 2 years (4 semesters) for full time students, with the option of part-time study (up to 4 years)

Accreditation of the Master’s Degree in Health Professions Education

The Master’s Degree in Health Professions Education at the Charité Berlin has been accredited by the German Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS) until June 2022. The program is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with formal requirements and to promote quality in teaching and learning.